(Near Death) Gator Adventures

Saturday, May 2, 2015

I love you two. Today you had so much fun tearing around the yard. You accidentally ran into the other electric car and pushed if a few feet, which was hysterical in your eyes - so you had to find anything and everything to run over to push around the yard after that.

Including Amelia.

Porter, you're only two and not the best listener, so you didn't understand I wasn't kidding when I yelled at you to stop driving toward Amelia, who had fallen in your path. You got both tires over her before I lifted the Gator off of the top of her. It's not heavy, but I was screaming. Amelia was crying. Lives flashed before my eyes...

...for about ten seconds. Moments after I scooped her up in a hug to calm her down, Amelia started giggling hysterically, jumping back in next to you and yelling at you to go get Grammy next.

Omg. It happened hours ago and I'm still shaking.

You two. TOO MUCH.

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