It's About Jesus.

Friday, June 26, 2015

I'm literally writing this from the car. We're driving to get Porter some breakfast before we go to our chiropractic appointment, and we're listening to Porter's playlist on Spotify. It has all the songs he loves, that I probably shouldn't let him listen to: Maroon 5's Animal and Sugar, for example. It also has his favorite worship songs... Anchor, and then the song we rocked him to sleep thousands of times to: Kari Jobe's You Are For Me.

You Are For Me is only song that would relax him enough to put him to sleep during those crazy sleepless nights. We listened to it SO MANY TIMES, to the point where the sound of the piano at the beginning of the song would completely relax him into a daze.

Since he's been sleeping well for about a year, we haven't listened to it nearly as much. When it came on today, Porter gasped... and then started singing along. Nearly every word... Paul and I laughed, amazed at how well this kid retains music. He also could sing the entire chorus to a song he just heard for the first time the day before, so we weren't totally shocked. But it was pretty cool that he remembered a song that was the little soundtrack to his infancy.

I cheerfully asked him "Porter, do you know what this song is about?" as he sang along with Kari.

"Yeah!" He exclaimed. When we ask him stuff like this, he always says yes, but then when we ask him "Well, what?" He just ignores us. I expected that to be the case this morning.

"Oh yeah? What's it about?"

"Jesus," He quickly responds.

Paul and I were stunned, and I immediately started crying. Laughing/crying. We've NEVER told him the song was about Jesus. We've never had that conversation. The song doesn't even SAY Jesus in it... it just refers to Him as "You". For him to know that this song was about Jesus only came from God himself.

The moment just was weighted in totally overwhelming truth - He is so, so real. So present. And He has our backs, even revealing Himself to 2 year olds when we are going about our business as moms and dads, just doing the best we can.

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