Simon, Today: June 29, 2015

Monday, June 29, 2015


You are such a beautiful baby. You have the longest lashes and your daddy's almond-shaped eyes. You never miss a meal, and the insulation forming on your arms and legs and belly and hands and elbows is truly something to marvel at. You smile with your entire face, and your eyes disappear when you do - just like your mama.

You are grabbing onto faces and hair and you just discovered your voice. Oohs and Ahhs and Ohhhs fill our living room. You roll over from your back to your front every time we lay you down, and you get so mad because you don't know what to do with yourself from there.

You truly never cry - when you do, it's because something is really wrong. And it's usually my fault, like that I drank a iced quad espresso and nursed you too soon after. :( You're so easy going and kind... I don't see you as being the rebellious or difficult child, but the quiet, observant, compassionate soul with a really deep understanding of human nature and what makes the would go 'round. I feel like I'm going to be learning from you, sooner rather than later. In fact, I already have... your life has already brought me closer to God, in the best and most overwhelming way.

You think your big brother is pretty amazing, like we all do. Your bright white skin against his olive complexion, and your ever-darkening head of hair contrasting with his white-blonde... you two are truly amazing. You have the same nose and cheeks, though... which is lucky, considering they are two of my favorite traits on the both of you.

You just woke up from a long nap, and now it's time to go into your bouncer, which is the single best investment that we've made in the 5 months you've been with us.

I feel like I've known you my whole life. We got to share your scary & exciting start to life at church this weekend, in a message series about STRESS, and how God is not only in the quiet places, but right in the midst of our chaos... so fitting for this anxious mother of yours, and something I experienced firsthand over the last several months of appointments, waiting, and terrible Mind Monsters. So, thank you for teaching me so much in the short time you've graced the planet... I'm a better human because of you.


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