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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Mom - 31 years old • Porter - 2.5 years old • Simon - 6 months old

Some of our favorite things to do, as a family, is run off to a hotel for the night. We swim in the pool, watch all our  favorite shows, talk about the new scenery out the window, order room service or pick up food from down the street and eat it together on the crisp white sheets (something NOT allowed at home)... It's the best. While the boys are too young to remember these adventures, I hope they do... Even if it's just from looking at photos.

Porter talks about our "abentures" all the time, so I'm just going to make sure we keep talking about them as he gets older and the events get more exciting. Some of our previous "abentures" include taking the ferry to Whidbey Island, driving to grandma and grandpa's in Roy for a day of swimming, and then spending a Monday night in a hotel in Seattle, where we wore robes and ordered room service and cuddled up in one bed for the night when I was just a few weeks pregnant with Simon. 

I have amazing memories of trips and vacations and long drives and horse shows as a kid, so I want to begin creating these memories for my family right now.

This weekend, we are taking Porter to his first movie - even if he only makes it through the first half, I hope he remembers the stressful process of picking out the best snacks at Target beforehand, and then sneaking them into the theatre in my diaper bag ;)

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