Simon Sees

Saturday, September 26, 2015

We finally took Si in for his follow-up appointment with Dr. Shelley. We already knew that he could see, but it was nice to hear the doctor confirm: Simon can see. He tracked toys from side to side, he followed them around the room, he looked at objects directly - not past them, like he did when he was little and I was having panic attacks.

So, that was nice to witness. However, his eyes still move quite a bit - "nystagmus" - and that is likely to be something that will stick with him forever. Which, we're totally great with. I don't even notice it anymore (it's kind of hard to, with his cute, chubby face and contagious smile/giggles) but it's almost part of him... I've grown to love and appreciate those dancing eyes, soaking in the world with all their might. Dr. Shelley said that Simon doesn't see the world "as shaking"... vision feels normal for him, and that is what matters to us. He can have a normal life - whatever normal is, these days.

I remember when I thought Simon was blind, I cried myself to sleep thinking he would never see the ocean. Or his brother's face. Or the wonder of a lit up ferris wheel, or a pretty girl's long, curly hair. It broke my heart. So, knowing that he can - in fact - behold these things and so much more with his own eyes is the greatest gift of all.

Add this to my list of: "everyday things I took for granted and never will again". Sight.

We have another follow-up appointment in March, so they can check his eyes again to see if his vision has improved for things further away... he didn't look at any of the toys that Dr. Shelley tested him with from far away. A barking puppy or a cymbal-clapping monkey. This wasn't shocking to us; we knew his vision was relatively worse for things far away - across the room, for example. But, this could improve with time, or... he could forever only be able to see things clearly within a few feet of him (again, totally fine. I wish I could express just how grateful we are to be "facing" these challenges. We'll just have to get his toes in the water of the beautiful ocean for him to behold it's greatness, or show him crystal-clear pictures of the starry night sky if he can't see if for himself, laying on his back in the backyard with his brother).

At home, though, God gives us little signs things will always be ok. Simon will see something and crawl quickly over to it - something that is MUCH MORE than a few feet away. So, maybe he can see a good distance? I mean, MOST PEOPLE need glasses or can't see/read things from far away, so maybe that's just Simon too! :)

I'm optimistic, hopeful, and more than anything - GRATEFUL - for a health baby boy that grabs my face, looks into my eyes, and giggles so lovingly. He is such a mama's boy, a lover, a MOVER, and an impatient little monkey. We couldn't be more blessed by this little gift of ours.


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