Porter - October, 2015

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Bottomline: you're 2 going on 16.

Last night I was running some things out to the car, loading up after watching Monday Night Football at the Jones's. You wanted to come, but I said no (it was dark and the car was close to the road, and I had my hands full), so I asked you to stay.

You said: "Ok, mommy, I wait riiiiiight here for you." So, you opened the door for me and watched me leave. As I was heading back, I heard your sweet little voice echo "hey mommy? HEY MOMMY?" I answered you back, and you said: "There you are, be careful ok? I right here. You need any help?"

It was the sweetest gesture. I wanted to remember it forever - you and your huge heart.

Today, as I'm writing this, I just coughed... and you blessed me. :)

When Simon started fussing a few minutes ago, you ran over to hover over him, and started singing Jesus Loves Me, because it calms him down.

When I was going to run upstairs to make you breakfast, I wanted you to stay downstairs... and you told me: "No, no, mommy. I don't want you to fall down the stairs. I come wif you, and hold your hand, ok?"

Today, we were watching Bobbie Flay grill some meat, and I didn't think you were paying attention. You were playing Play-Doh. But, then you looked up at me and said: "I like dis show, it's cool for daddy. Let's save it." I can't believe how observant you are!

Driving past Auntie Jess's house the other night, you announced "There's Auntie Jess's house!" I am just shocked you recognized it! We were even coming from the opposite direction.

You are currently obsessed with:
  • Drums
  • MineCrap (Mine Craft), although you don't know what you're doing
  • Watching PlayDoh tutorials on Kids YouTube
  • Pumpkins. You got a bunch of your own, and you call them your "pumpkin patches"
  • Saying "Oh my gosh" all dramatically
  • The movie Monster House, Into The Woods (you love the giant and stomping around saying "FEE FI FOOOO FUM"), and Mary Poppins
  • Your hoodies, which you call "neighborhoods"
  • Grandma & grandpa
  • The Wipe House, and particularly, Gary... our friend who is doing the electrical. "Where's Gary?" every time we drive by, haha
  • Fruit Smacks = Smoot Smacks
  • Foods: applesauce, cheese, waffles for breakfast, peanut butter and brown sugar "smammiches", cucumbers, chicken nuggets, guacamole, broccoli (you call them trees), and you always steal bites of my salads. You really wanted to like steak, but the other night it was too tough for you - so you chewed and chewed and chewed and spit out every bite. Haha
  • GUM, which you always call "bubblegum"
  • Taking care of your baby, which you named Ava. You put her to bed, and rock her, and shhh us when she's sleeping.

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