Simon Pierce: 9 Months Old

Saturday, October 24, 2015

This photo is the epitome of you.

Your eyes are so special. They gave us a lot of sleepless nights in the first few months of your life, and sometimes I fight feelings of sadness because it seems like your first year of your life has FLOWN by due to the scary health journey we were on with you from when you were 2 months old: time stood still, and time disappeared... all at once. But, now, we look into your eyes and seriously can see all the good you are. All the little intricacies of you. You are such a sweet, calm, wonderful soul.

Your entire face lights up when you make eye contact with us. You are pulling yourself up and standing against EVERYTHING - you want to walk so badly. You are drawn to the TV system and wires (just like your brother). You're a mama's boy through and through, and I love it. When I sit you down you have meltdowns... you want to be on me/with me 24/7. You popped 4 teeth through in two days (which meant a spiked fever and a few sleepless nights for us, it was pretty intense). You are just now starting to show a little interest in food, but barely. You're content just nursing.

You're healthy as can be - the only cold you've had was from your teeth.

You army crawl around the entire house, exploring every nook and cranny, and when you hear us coming you shriek and try to "take off", your version of running away. You laugh hysterically when we sing Jesus Loves Me.

You say "Mum-mum and duh-duh", and blow raspberries and grind your teeth - ugh. That can go away anytime now!

We're over the moon obsessed with you, and can't imagine life without your sweetness. You are kind and gentle and loving, and we can't wait to see the man of man you're going to become.

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