Simon Pierce: 44 Weeks / 10 Months

Friday, November 20, 2015

I'm in shock that we're 2 months away from your first birthday, little man. You have four teeth and are teething again at this very moment, you crawl at like 95 mph, you are the most determined and strong-willed little boy in the world. You pull yourself up to stand on and against everything you can, and your weeks away from walking, I can feel it. Just the other day, you maneuvered your way on top of your new musical seat - laughing proudly at my horrified expression and banging LaLa on the head in victory pats. Also, you climbed up the stairs for the first time, too.

You love:

grinding your teeth
when your brother plays with you
the piano in Porter's room
yanking on the Christmas lights
Lennon's food and water
Being held
trying to hit the keys on my laptop
playing with the handles on the fireplace; they make noise
when I fake cough
dad's beard
your paci
puffs! finally!
the laundry room

You hate:

sleeping. you're way too busy for that mess.
when people walk by you without picking you up
when you get stuck or lodged up against something
being patient
diaper changes

One of my favorite things about you is how you smile with your whole face. I hope you always have that beaming smile that lights up a room - you make me so proud, and you bring me back to center when I make eye contact with your sweet face. I can't believe your mine!