Simon's Eyes - June 2016

Friday, June 10, 2016

Simon had a great eye exam! For those of you that don't know, he has congenital nystagmus and we thought for a time he could possibly have a more serious disease OR was blind. Neither of those are the case, praise the Lord.

We love Dr. Shelley. He always takes his time to talk to us about Simon's vision, and explain best and worst case scenario. He's so kind and wise! I always leave appts feeling prepared to take on the world with a son who is very likely visually impaired.

We totally got this. Like Dr. Shelley said today, just because he can see a cheerio on the floor across the room doesn't mean he isn't visually impaired. Think about the smallest thing we can see... A speck of dust in a sunbeam, for example? There is a good chance Simon can't see that.

Those words could have been heavy, but for me, they weren't. My baby can see. He can see my face, he can see sunshine and green grass and the waves of the ocean. I remember begging that of God just one year ago.

I'm ok that he can't see dust particles. ;) It's a good compromise.


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