Porter Alan, You're Almost 4 Years Old!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

My big almost-4-year old.

You're my favorite little human. You recently got a taste of Sprite, and now you're obsessed. We told you you can only indulge on the weekends, but the other night we were out of apple juice, so I let you have a can... and I jokingly told you not to tell daddy. He walked in the other night, and you said: "Daddy, I'm not supposed to tell you something." COOL. Looks like I can't confide in you, ever ;)

You have a heart of gold, Porter, and I'm so thankful for your sweet disposition and your attention to detail. You pick up on my moods, and you are so aware of your environment. 

Getting you to eat lately is a chore. You pretty much only like pasta and waffles. This dinner, above, you did pretty well - garlic-soaked baked chicken and "funeral potatoes". I even got you to eat one brussel sprout, which is a total win.

See those shoes? You've been aching to fit into them for years. They were handed down from your buddy Kyan, and you're had them in your room, sitting on your shelf, since that very day. Big boy shoes, to go with your big boy hair.

Lately, your favorite things:

working outside with daddy
collecting rocks
your ipad ("minecrack" and other random games your cousins show you. Goat Simulator... wha?)
short sleeved shirts (it's a battle to get you bundled up for winter)
teenaged mutant ninja turtles
your blankie, thank God
worship music
class at church / rehearsal at church
Amelia (you say you're going to marry her, work at the fair, and your first dance will be "Jesus, we love you")
Polar Express

Things you're not a fan of, lately:

Simon (I'm waiting for you two to finally realize you're best friends)
being patient
eating anything remotely healthy
going to bed
mom and dad picking you up from aunties, lol


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